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The Show

Queen May Rock
have been thrilling audiences for many years at open-air festivals, corporate events and in clubs.
They’ve filled the large concert halls in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, and in Europe-wide revival shows.

 The band's own technical crew ensures with their sound and (if required) lighting expertise, that an excellent sound is 
guaranteed to accompany their convincing LIVE performance…

"The musical performance could not have been more perfect."

"(Both) hall and gallery were filled with eager spectators."


 "Queen May Rock presented themselves both vocally and instrumentally with such a high level of musicality,
they almost left the consistently enthusiastic audience with the impression that Queen themselves were actually on stage."

"The stage lay in darkness, as calls for an encore continued…"

"The hours raced by in a dynamic show full of exuberant energy."

”There are two qualities (amongst many) that stand out to me about Michael's voice:
firstly his fearless approach to the difficulties of the music, whether he is singing Queen - where the highs and lows
are no barrier, or his own compositions.
The second is the clarity of his voice. Careful use of vibrato adds to the emotional sense of the music and you can
hear every word clearly.“
Peter Freestone (Freddie Mercury‘s Personal Assistant)

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