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The Show

Queen May Rock
have been thrilling audiences for many years at open-air festivals, corporate events, or in clubs
and filled the big concert halls in Hamburg, Berlin or Munich in Europe-wide revival shows.

 The band's own technical crew ensures with their sound and (if required) lighting technology that a convincing live performance with excellent sound is guaranteed.

"The musical performance could not have been more perfect."

"Hall and gallery were filled with enthusiastic spectators".


 "Queen May Rock presented themselves both vocally and instrumentally on a high musical level,
they almost left the consistently enthusiastic audience with the impression that Queen was actually on stage."

"The stage was already in darkness when there were still calls for an encore."

"Here pulsed a dynamic show full of irrepressible energy at an advanced hour."

 More Queen May Rock live:

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...but it also goes quite differently, quite intimately:

In private